Bellami Hair Extensions Review

I always get asked what my favorite hair extensions are… 

I have a video on them..

22 inch 220 Gram Dark Brown #2 Bellami Hair extensions...
COUPON CODES: STILLGLAM for $5 off! or StillGlam160 for $160 off 6 in 1 hot tools!


Anonymous said…
Do you have a video that shows how to put the extensions in?
Barbara said…
Hi gorgeous, I love your videos they'll great. But it seems that you have forgotten your blog :/
I'd love to see new updates soon ;)
Alex Xu said…
Love hair extensions, just start experimenting with more new lovely brand named KingHair.
Jack said…
Sorry,I am trying to reach you,but can not find your email on your site.
Do you still review hair extensions?
Please let me know
Riya Sana said…
Hi,very nice blog..thanks for such a good post.
Indian Hair Store

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