Sunday, September 22, 2013

E.L.F's Disney 2013 Look Books!

Swatches And Review!
Each set comes with
6 eyeshadows
*Shadows are great, blend well, some of the mattes however are a bit chalky 
Other then that they are GREAT :)

1 Primer
Ive always loved elfs primer, gets the job done!

1 black eyeliner pencil
I was actually impressed with this liner, doesnt smudge and lasts a good 6-8 hours, does great in the water liner as well.

1 liquid eyeliner
Love this stuff, no complaints, goes on nice and lasts a good 8 hours.

1 eyeshadow brush
I love elfs brushes... their eyeshadow brush is actually one of my favorites

1 Mascara
This is the only thing from the line that I did not like.
Ive never been a fan of any of their mascaras.
I will probably throw these away or give them to someone but really dont see how any one could ever like this mascara.. maybe it just hates my lashes.

1 lipgloss
Love they're lip glosses!
The evil queen, ursula and maleficent are pretty true to the tube color and pretty opaque.
The Cruela however is VERY sheer and "see through" still loved it though.
They have no scent and feel great on the lips, not stick or tacky at all!