Cover Girl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation: Review

My Skin:
Oily/Acne Prone

Price about $10 at Walgreens
I picked up color 305

Coverage: Light to Medium

The color was a great match and the smell is pleasent.
I really wanted to love this foundation. 
I gave it a few tries and I just couldnt.
The application is a dream goes on sooooo soft and smooth and it gives a nice airbrush finish... but within 3 hours of wearing this stuff.. it was no where to be found, like I didnt even apply foundation!
Which is kinda crappy because the finish of this foundation is great but lasting power.. no good.
Ive tried it with a primer and without and no luck. 

If youve tried this leave a comment below would love to hear your thoughts!


Anonymous said…
Did you set it with a powder or anything?
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Crista Soukeras said…
Thanks for reviewing this :)<3 Glad I read it before purchasing.
Sakib said…
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Anonymous said…
my skin is oily as well but i set it with a power n i love it
Lili Zapata said…
You right. It doesn't work and actually caused me breakouts.

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