Q&A: From my IG followers!

I always get asked ?'s on IG and its hard to get to them all, so I posted a pic along with this title..
"Blogging today! Doing a q&a.. Can't do it without your questions tho ;) So ask away"
so, here we go 

"How old are you?"

"Hi Kasey!! I love your videos! But my question is how did you start your own cosmetics line?"
I spent a long time researching labs and took my time finding which one I wanted to work with, I then searched packaging, labels and did my homework on ingredient lists. I then choose my Youtube Channel "still glamorous" for my company name and I also created my label myself as well. I spent a lot time learning how to create my website and which web host I wanted to go with. I started with selling only pigments then over the years started adding more and more products! :)

"When you and your BF had issues, how did you get past it, learn from it, and end up happy again?"
We've been through a lot, as most couples we have our ups and downs and let me just say.. when I say downs.. I mean rock bottom. I made some bad choices in our relationship but he's forgiven me, I cant even say he's "past" things, forgiveness is a process. Does he have his sad moments.. yes. We all do. Despite our bad times.. we choose to be happy. Thats important ya know. 

"What is your flawless face routine? From washing it to putting makeup then removing it?"
1. I was my face 
2. I wait 5 minutes then apply my moisturizer
3. I wait 5 minutes then apply my foundation primer
4. I then apply foundaiton
5. Conealer
6. Set with powder
7. Apply my brows and eye makeup
8. lips
9. Contour Highlight Blush
10. Spray with makeup setting spray
11. At night remove makeup with Ponds cold cream
12. Wash face with a cleanser
13. apply neautragena spot on treatment all over my face
14. Wait 10 minute apply moisturizer

"Do you have a part time or full time job aside from doing Youtube?"
Being a mommy is my full time job! :) My cosmetic line is my part time job ;) 

"How do you manage 4 kids?"
Over the years Ive developed routines and schedules.. makes things easier but I still go crazy and Im exhausted most of the time lol

"What does your husband work as??"
Were not married.. but he is a mechanic.

"What pic apps do you use or do you use a computer for all your pics?"
I use cameraFX, morebeaute2, bokehcamfx, pic stich.. those are my favs... all my pics are taken with my phone. 

"Whats your star sign?"

"What judgments are made against you, how do you overcome them?"
Geez Im pretty much judged every day in every way haha from the internet "net working" to going to the grocery store.. my motto is its none of my business what others "think" of me. 

"How do you manage to look amazing with 4 kids?"
I wish I always looked amazing truth is.. I only do my makeup and get ready about twice a week.
Other then that Im in my mommy clothes, no makeup and hair is looking crazy!
However I do think its important to take time for yourself at least twice a week, take advantage of nap time hahah

"If you could only have one makeup brand for the rest of you life what would it be?"
My cosmetic line of course.. 2nd choice would be.. Revlon great products and affordable!

"One makeup product you cant live without?"
My loreal BB cream!

"How did you become so good with makeup, did you go to school?"
I did not go to school for makeup or anything beauty related.. all hands on, lots of practice and simply being obsessed with makeup.

"How old were you when you first started doing makeup, any tips on what to do and what not to do for first timers?"
My obsession with makeup started in the 2nd grade! I got in trouble for taking my moms makeup bag to school and putting it on my friends haha!
What to do: Try different COLORS :)
What not to do: Sleep in your makeup!

"Are you married? If so what age did you get married?"
Im not married, never been married.. I dont believe in marriage ;)

"What nationality are you?"
Irish and Dutch

"What is a good everyday facial cream/moisturizer also what is a good under eye concealer?"
I love olay products, I use the sensitive skin oil free moisturizer daily and its my holy grail!!
Hard Candy Glamoflauge is great for under eye circles

"What do you do for exercise ?"
I HATE exercise.. strong word choice, I know. But its really never been my thing.. although I do love going for walks/jogs.

"What are your thoughts on marriage??
I simply dont believe in marriage, The social pressure and disapproval, the way the government controls you in a way, using love and paper work.  Im tired of facing legal and economic discrimination. I believe in a commitment that you make in your heart. There's no paper that will make you stay. 

"When did you start your Youtube Channel?"
I started my channel in 2007!! Along time ago.. the community wasnt as populated as it is now so it was easier I guess at the time to gain subbies but I know ladies who started within the past year that have more then me lol 

"What type of hair extensions do you wear?"
I love headkandy!

"How long have you been with your baby daddy, will you guys marry, does he help with the kids and around the house?"
We've together 10 years, we will never get married, we have the same beliefs on marriage, he does help with the kids and house work as much as he can, he works a lot though. 

"Was the career you have now the one you've always wanted?"
I wanted to be a singer haha but makeup has always been a passion of mine so Id say so 

"What are your all time favorite lashes?"
Red Cherry's 217

"How do you deal with a break up, how do you move on?"
Stay busy and stay positive .. dont expect to move on overnight.. its a process..let the process happen :)

"Im super pale and want one of your blushes which would you choose for me, I wear neutral eye makeup everyday?"
Im pale too and Id say "natural" is a great daily blush!

"Wow your so stunning, whats the best tip someone has ever given you?"
Thanks hun, best tip.. SMILE!

That'll do it for now, theres so many more questions I will do another part soon :)


Anonymous said…
I appreciate your honesty and openness in this q&a! Do you plan on doing more vlogs? I really love watching them and your cooking tutorials too! :)
Anonymous said…
I have a questions. I watch one of you're videos. U said you had a surgery. What did you're boyfriend said when you decided to do it?
Yolennie said…
I really love your videos :) You're beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Do you have step kids? If so, was it before, during, or after your relationship? also how is your diet coming along? I do good during the week but on weekends I completely fail myself! any tips?
Anonymous said…
Is your oldest son joe's? He looks so different from the rest of the kids.
Karen Jeffers said…
I just discovered your blog and even though I'm a 21 year old with no kids or husband, your tips are still helpfull and I enjoy stashing away your family tips for later in my life. Keep posting!
Anonymous said…
No. He's not. She's mentioned it in past videos.
Libby Anne S. said…
Kudos to you! I don't believe in marriage either, and I don't see why society places so much importance on a piece of legal document when the commitment two people choose to make to each other is what's important.
Love your videos!
Nidia Delgado said…
I love ur answers ur so beautiful inside n out..i would love a new vid w your bf and family life not to be all in ur business but i love how u run ur family.
John Milton said…
“Congratulations Still Glamorus ! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.”

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Kim said…
Hey, a fellow Dutchie. Or at least you are half Dutch. Do you speak Dutch?

xx Kim
Anonymous said…
How old is your husband? Love your videos mama. You're beautiful!
Ibolya Janko said…
Nice blog!

Follow you now!

Please follow me !


thx :))
Saira Ejaz said…
You are a great artist of makeup .i wish i could be like you too but its so difficult for me:(

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