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Q&A: From my IG followers!

I always get asked ?'s on IG and its hard to get to them all, so I posted a pic along with this title.. "Blogging today! Doing a q&a.. Can't do it without your questions tho ;) So ask away" so, here we go 
"How old are you?" 27
"Hi Kasey!! I love your videos! But my question is how did you start your own cosmetics line?" I spent a long time researching labs and took my time finding which one I wanted to work with, I then searched packaging, labels and did my homework on ingredient lists. I then choose my Youtube Channel "still glamorous" for my company name and I also created my label myself as well. I spent a lot time learning how to create my website and which web host I wanted to go with. I started with selling only pigments then over the years started adding more and more products! :)
"When you and your BF had issues, how did you get past it, learn from it, and end up happy again?" We've been through a lot, as most couples…