My top 5 picks: Drugstore Makeup Must Buys


So I have lots of drug store favorites but I narrowed it down to just 5! If you're anything like me you'll probably have the urge to run to your local store and pick up some/all of these items and I figured more then 5 products would be too much pressure : p

So here are my HOLY GRAIL items from the Drug Store.. I will not be including ELF products because I wanted to stay with products that "WalGreens & CVS" carry :) 
I will be happy to do a ELF Must Haves blog though if requested!
 Okay on to the fun part.. 


Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick offers all the creamy luxuriousness of high-end lipsticks without the wallet-depleting price. And its nondrying formula will stay put well after your three o’clock coffee run. I cant forget to mention the color selection is huge. It was hard to choose my favorite color but I narrowed it down to 1 and I think this color looks great on everyone!! (Gorgeous peachy nude)
Cream: DEMURE 
**Dupe Alert**


CoverGirls new foundation Stay Fabulous is FABULOUS! A lot of you have asked me if I like it better then the Revlon Colorstay Foundation and the answer is YES! 
Its blendablity, coverage and long lasting power makes this my favorite drug store foundation to date! My color is Classic Ivory. Im a Mac NC15 and Revlon color stay Buff 
If you love Makeup Forevers Mat Velvet or have wanted to try it skip the high price and go with this covergirl foundation! 


Growing up I always thought Wet N Wild was the worst brand ever.. haha Im sure Im not along here but after giving in to some of the hype here in the beauty community I gave the brand a try and I must say I was wrong. The blushes are my favorite!!  I really do wish they did have more of a color variety but for the quality of these blushes and the price.. blows my mind. 

and guess what?! I gotta dupe for you :)
Wet N Wild Pearlecscent | Nars Orgasm

Im a huge fan of Loreal mascaras but to narrow it down for ya. I have to go with their Voluminous mascara! This mascara does wonders for my lashes. 

This one was easy for me. Im so in love with Loreals HIP DUO shadows and I have been for years now! I have them all and I think their just as good as Mac shadows or any HIGH END shadow out there! They go on so smooth, super pigmented, GREAT color selection and all around perfect!

Now to choose one that I think you MUST BUY was hard "/ 
But I did and its the "ELETRIFIRED" and this is from the Studio Secrets Metallic collection


Tara Guillen said…
Thanks for this Kasey!!
This is great! I will be picking up that CoverGirl Foundation . I never liked CoverGirl (but the mascara), but I think they are now stepping up their products with the competitors .
Hannah Estrada said…
Awesome! :) excited to try the new covergirl foundation! I bought the colorstay, and I like it but its breaking me out. I've always had good luck with CG not doing that. What's the best power foundation for a matte full coverage?
Anonymous said…
Thanks! An ELF Must Haves blog would be awesome btw :)
Anonymous said…
I've bought from E.L.F a number of times. I'd love to read a blog of yours regarding your favorites of their products.
I'd like to see an ELF favorites post as well! I tried the new CG foundation and also thought it was similar to MUFE Matte Velvet+.

Hannah- Have you tried Palladio powder foundation? Its available at ULTA or Sally's. Its a great full coverage powder found that works wet or dry!
Carmen said…
As for the foundation which do you prefer: Kat Von D or CoverGirl?! And on the Mascara Loreal Voluminous or ScandalEyes?! Thanks! I LOVE your videos:)
Jacq H said…
Wow, thanks for the post, I love Revlon Demure too!

Now I need to think about how to get my hands on some Voluminous and Wet and Wild!!!! :D

RyannMcKay said…
Thanks for the tips! LOVE it!
Anonymous said…
yes l would like to see the elf favorites please!
Anonymous said…
Hi girlie! Love your makeup line. Absolutely quality stuff! Anyway, can you tell us what your top 3 favorite foundations are and why? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?
hassan iqbal said…
Thanks for these awesome tips...... would you please recommend the top 5 foundations for wheatish complexion

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