Monday, November 19, 2012

6 baby steps you can take to loose weight!

Just sharing the steps Im taking to loose weight and get in shape!

1. Until I get down to a goal size (which is 145)
I will be taking in 1200 calories a day.

2. I eat 5 times a day.
Breakfast: Ex: Eggs whites and fruit 
Snack: Cucumbers and lemon
Lunch: Turkey sandwich on wheat no cheese olive oil may
Snack: Wheat thins 
Dinner: Grilled Chicken salad

3. I drink water before and after every meal and snack

4. To cure my sweet tooth cravings I will eat fruit
or oats n honey granola.
To cure my crunchy cravings I will eat celery with peanut butter or low fat cream cheese.

5. Jog 30 minutes a day 6 times a week
Jillian Michael's ripped in 30 days 6 times a week.

6. I use MYFITNESSPAL to track my calories and exercise 
StillGlam (Add me)  :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to wear floral printed jeans!

Floral jeans are everywhere right now. Im a huge fan of these girly printed jeans. Great for day or night wear, spring or fall, dress them up or down!
 Heres some inspirations and tips on how to wear these fun bottoms :)

My favorite way !
For a girly daytime look pair floral jeans with a denim top!
Wear em with a grey top!

Try a white top, for simplicity!
I LOVE blazers with floral pants as well.. great for fall
Chunky jackets for winter
A cream blazer/jacket also compliments these jeans well