Toddlers And Medicine: Tips to get it down!


Use a medicine dropper and not the cup.

The right aim:
 Taste buds are concentrated on the front and center of the tongue, so bypass those finicky taste zones by placing the medicine near the back of her/his tongue. 
Or try dropping it between the rear gum and the inside of her cheek, where it will easily glide down her/his throat with minimal contact with taste buds. 
(Yes, this requires a bit of skill, and maybe an extra set of hands to keep your toddler still while you perfect your dunk shot.)

Hide it:
Ask your doctor if it’s okay to sneak the particular medicine into foods or drinks. 
If you get the thumbs-up on that, stir the medicine into a small amount of applesauce, ice cream, or fruit juice. My favorite (or theirs..haha) is chocolate syrup!
 But remember, if you do mix the meds into something else, your toddler needs to eat or drink the whole thing in order to get the full dosage.

Give them a say:
Empower your child by lettering her choose between different flavors or colors of medicine if you have the option. That way they will feel like she/he has some control over the situation.

The cold can mask the taste. 


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