My new favorite foundation! Kat Von D Lock it tattoo

Hello..  So Im here to review Kat Von D's 
"Lock It Tattoo foundation"
Before we start heres a little background on what I usually look for in a foundation...
Im a liquid foundation user.
I usually go for full coverage and I prefer matte finishes.
My skin...
is super oily so I also go for oil free foundations. I also have sensitive skin, I easily break out :(
I've been using Estee Lauders double wear the past 3 years (my color was ecru) and up until now its been my favorite..
but now this Lock It Tattoo is my new obsession and heres why..

*Long wearing
 (from 8am to midnight this stuff didn't budge with and without a primer
I did however blot twice.. not a big deal :)
*Oil free
*Fragrance free
*Flawless finish (It covers EVERYTHING)
*A tiny bit goes a LONG way
*Highly Pigmented
*Has a pump
*Didnt break me out
*No need for touch ups
*Light 46 is my shade DEAD ON.. its perfect
*No need for concealer
*It doesn't oxidize 

*Can look cakey if applied too heavily, use a TINY bit
*You can feel it on your skin, theres no forgetting you have foundation on
*If you have oily skin you will need to set with a setting powder, also after about 3 hours you may need to blot 
*Priced at $34 its pretty pricey (But I'd say its totally worth it)

Extra info:
I use my hands(fingers) to apply this product.
I set it with Mac mineralize skin finish natural 
(Color Light Plus)


Anonymous said…
I'm Ecru as well so I'm wondering, what colour are you in this foundation?
Anonymous said…
She said light 46 is dead on ^^
Sam said…
I just bought Kat Von D foundation this past weekend. Def a good coverage foundation.
Anonymous said…
Stop pouting your lips it's so obvious and annoying -_- but anyways thanks for the tip
Anonymous said…
where can i buy it?
Anonymous said…
Judging from your picture this foundation is too yellow for you. Your face is warm whereas your neck is a cool color.

Otherwise you are super pretty and this foundation sounds wonderful!
n8iveBeauT said…
I think it looks very beautiful on you, and you look wonderful. I appreciate the review as I also look at the same characteristics as you do in my foundations. I have freckles/sun spots that annoy me and I try anything and everything to cover them. Don't worry about the negative comments on here, that's why they chose to be "Anonymous" so they could bully anyone online to make themselves feel better without being confronted.
tattoos designs said…
it i9s us full for those persons who getting bored from their tattoos designs
Anonymous said…
I agree. Her lip pouting in every video and picture is extremely annoying. It's like she's trying to hard to look sexy. Lol it makes her look stupid not sexy.
Anonymous said…
Geez shut up if u have nothing nice to say then f u
Anonymous said…
Haha you people are ridiculious, youre just mad shes perfect she knows she is, she has a nice small nose, face shape, and shes exotic and well youre....just boring.
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