10 ways to make Mommy Life a little simpler !

Hey ladies so I get asked ALL the time what I do to relax or how I deal with so many kids and stay sane lol
Let me just say Im going crazy half the time but I do have a few tips Id like to share that do help, hope these are useful to some of you!

1.Handle important two-minute tasks immediately.
2. Meal plan (I weekly meal plan) 
3. Do laundry every time you have enough to make a load, put it away as soon as it comes out the dryer
(Im Still trying to master this one :)
4. Set your clothes out and your kiddos clothes out the night before.
5. Some of you may not like this idea but I keep all of my kids socks in one basket they are not matched I just throw them in there, Keep in mind I have 4 sometimes 6 kids so for me to sit and match theirs and mine and Joseph's is just not realistic for me. This saves a lot of stress and time. 
I keep a basket for all of their socks and a basket for mine and Joseph's. 
6. Crossbody bag
A hands-free, crossbody purse is great for moms who need to use their hands for other essential things. I recently started using a cross body and I wish I would have used these a long time ago!
7. Have a before bed routine and a morning routine. 
8. Dont be afraid to ask for help! 
9. When running errands the night before fill a small backpack with a few of their favorite toys and snacks and set it by the door. I know this comes in handy when I have to go to the post office for hours and I have my 1 year olds things ready on my back when she gets restless, goes for my 4 year old as well!
10. Take time for your self! This is so important.. whether you can get your hubby or grandma or someone to take your little ones for hour or when their asleep. Find time for yourself. 

Hope this is helpful!


Anonymous said…
Laetitia said…
Thank you! good points :)
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Wow! !!!! This was great!

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