Kids Fashion on a budget!

 I am a mommy of 4, dressing four little ones and keeping up with the current trends for them can be pricey. Over the years I've learned some ways to save on money when it comes to shopping for my children's clothing, shoes and accessories. Im here to share some of those tips with you.. so lets get started!

1. Shop department store clearance racks
You can find some really good deals, I usually only buy from these racks when I shop at department stores
2. Accept Freebies
Take advantage of the offer
3. Yards Sales
I have great success at finding more baby and toddler clothes at yard sales but I sometimes get lucky with the older kids clothes. 
4. Pass it down 
I pass my oldest sons clothes that are in good condition and no longer fit down to my younger son, same goes with my oldest daughter, my youngest gets her good conditioned clothing 
5. Shop at consignment stores
I love these store. I frequently shop at these places I always find great pieces; accessories, shoes and clothing at great prices. Selling old clothes and getting credit is always a great way to save money as well!
6. Ask for clothes birthday/christmas
When asked toys or clothes.. I always say clothes :) 
My kids have enough toys anyway haha

Shirt: $4 from Twice as nice
Leggings: $5 Jc Penny
Boots: $30 Target 
(boots were a splurge)

Shirt: $3.98 from Target
Shorts: $7.00  Crazy 8
Hat: $2.00 Ross

Some of my favorite stores to shop at for kids clothing:

Twice as Nice
Crazy 8
JcPenny (love their clearance racks)
Forever 21 (love their clearance racks)
Target (love their clearance racks)


Jc penny is an awesome store to shop at and usually have great clearance racks. Also don't forget to check out their best price fridays ever 1st and 3rd friday of the month. I also go to family dollar and other discount stores like that. Mix and match is the key.
Monet said…
I love TJ Maxx & always shop at the Gap clearance racks...your kids are adorable by the way ;)
Lc said…
Thrift stores! can't forget those. It's like a yard sale, but a larger variety of sizing. I have a 5-month old and find the majority of his clothes that way.

For tips on thrift shopping, go to my Thrift Skool link at

Love your YouTube channel, BTW.

Ana said…
I like how you dress your older daughter
Amelie xona said…
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