My Must Have "Bath Time" Products!

My favorite bath products from HEAD TO TOE  :)

Caress Tahitian Renewal 
w/Exfoliating Pomegranate Body Wash
 About $5

*The scent is amazing. Very Tropical :)

*If my skin starts to feel bumpy this stuff

exfoliates like a dream!
Leaving my skin very smooth.

*Has a great lather 

*I use this every other day.

Dove Beauty Cream Bar
About $2

*The scent is simple and soft, I love it!

*Very moisturizing

*Great lather

*Leaves skin soft and clean

*I use this daily

Neat Feet Pumice Stone
About $4

The heels of my feet can get pretty rough sometimes
This thing buffs away everything leaving my heels super soft!
I use this once a week.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub 
About $5

*Keeps my skin soft

*Controls my blemishes

* Great exfoliant 

I use this about 3 days. 

 Aveeno Moisturizing Shower & Bath Oil 

About $7

*I use this every time I take a bath, its amazing!

*Dry skins best friend

*Smells amazing

*Being that this is oil based it does not leave you greasy at all.

*Leaves your skin super soft
You don't even need lotion after !

Clear scalp & hair Therapy

About $6 each 

*My hair is in the best condition its ever been, Ive been using this stuff about 3 months now

*Lathers great & Smells even greater! Smells like the high end brands!

*Ive noticed less breakage in my hair 

*I don't have to use hair serum if I don't want to, before using this shampoo and conditioner
I couldn't go without hair serum because my hair was so damaged!

* I use this every other day

And of course I love my loofa!

Coming soon.. my favorite lotions and body sprays!


Monika said…
You are fantastic! I am watching you all the time on yt.You are a great mum!
Sahar Q said…
I loved loved your hair extension blog post. From you're own experience what did you prefer head kandy or hello gorgeous?
Where can i buy the Clear scalp and hair therapy shampoo?

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