Lets talk music... My current favorite mixtapes!

A lot of you ask me.. "Kasey where do you get your music from?" ...
Well I listen to a lot of underground artist I rarely listen to the radio and mainstream music. So I just want to share a few mix tapes I recently downloaded that IM LOVING!

You like free stuff right? 
Well these mix tapes are free! <3 
Check em out...

Jhene Aiko


Bei Maejor


Teyana Taylor


Monet said…
Thanks for the info I will be having a listen to these CDs...I hope u make another video soon xoxo
Anonymous said…
when you download these does it download to itunes or something else?
Love Jones said…
I absoultely LOVE & ADORE underground R&B...Ive always loved your youtube makeup channel, then fell in love with your momma channel! Now your blog is a fav!!
Anonymous said…
Is thiis the music from your you-tube channels? Wheree do you get those from? I la la la loveee the music you have on there <3

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