How to wear patterned leggings..

So this is a current trend that I AM LOVING! I just wanted to share the correct ways (in my opinion) on how to wear them :)

I like the material to be cotton (more comfy)
As I wear these particularly in the daytime and cotton is more casual.
I even like the spandex materials too!
I buy mine at Wet Seal. Styles for less. Sears & Forever 21

So basically you want to keep the top PLAIN.. no patterned shirts.
Keep your top SOLID. 
So for leggings 
1 I would probably wear a cream off the should loose shirt.
2 Maybe a boyfriend tee, I would choose a color.. BRIGHT blue or HOT PINK
3 Either a black or white.. loose and long shirt.
4 I would stick with a cream colored long tee
5 You could do yellow, white, blue dark grey again long tee or baggy top
6 Not sure if I'd wear 6 haha but Id just wear a white shirt.. could never go wrong with a white top right? ;)
and the last ones that aren't marked with a number, these are black and white and would be perfect for a long loose shirt in ANY color!
As far as shoes go I wear my simple ballet style shoe.
Wedges would be cute too.. Im not a heel person though.
You can also wear a blazer.
Example 1&4: Cream top Brown Blazer
Example 2 and the one with no number: Colored top/or white top black blazer

Well I hope I helped.
If these leggings are too bold for you.. buy 1 pair.. try em out. 
They are a great statement piece and so simple and comfy to wear. 


Anonymous said…
Love ur you tube channel :) @roxana delgadillo on fb
Anonymous said…
I like these leggings. I would probably go for the least loud ones, myself.
Star Vogue said…
i dont think i could get away with these :)
Anonymous said…
Do you know where I can buy these?
Anonymous said…
I've got to say i was pleasantly surprised w/your blog. Unfortunately, I 1st saw your utube site & was confused...every video is practically porn. WHat's that about?? All these puckered lip looks, constantly squeezing & shoving your cleavage in our faces, the soft porn out of focus blur & music....come on, lame. Be real, like your blog. Way more interesting & less cheesey. No one really enjoys the other stuff except teenage boys. Your blog is great - smart, informative & u still come off beautiful - just not creepy porn bunny.
Miss Sultana said…
i have wanted a pair of these, but some tacky girls at my school wore them incorrectly, so it's not on my wishlist anymore :/ cute blog! :)
Anonymous said…
You helped me so much ! Quick outfit before school !!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your helpful comments!
Please let me know how you would wear some of these leggings as they are completely different style to the leggings described by you:
Jake Alexander said…
Those are some very stylish and unique leggings. My girlfriend loves leggings and wears them all the time. She says they are comfortable and go with many different outfits. I will definitely show her this post.

Jenna joe said…
Beautiful leggings ! Actually gone are the days for plain leggings, now is the trend of wearing Patterned leggings as they creates a unique fashion style and moreover are really comfortable to wear with various outfits. These leggings have become a preferred choice of women belonging to various age groups.
Anonymous said…
Loving Printed Leggings.
(IG: @youur_unicorn)
Katia said…
Thanks for the tips! Not everyone should wear those types of leggings!
mitra said…
I would wear a red long top with the last one.
Groomy said…
My mom too hesitates in wearing pattern leggings as she thinks it suits only young girls. Bought her some leggings and insisted her to try them. She tried them and was very happy with them and now has started wearing them.

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