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How to wear patterned leggings..

So this is a current trend that I AM LOVING! I just wanted to share the correct ways (in my opinion) on how to wear them :)
I like the material to be cotton (more comfy) As I wear these particularly in the daytime and cotton is more casual. I even like the spandex materials too!
I buy mine at Wet Seal. Styles for less. Sears & Forever 21
So basically you want to keep the top PLAIN.. no patterned shirts. Keep your top SOLID.  So for leggings  1 I would probably wear a cream off the should loose shirt. 2 Maybe a boyfriend tee, I would choose a color.. BRIGHT blue or HOT PINK 3 Either a black or white.. loose and long shirt. 4 I would stick with a cream colored long tee 5 You could do yellow, white, blue dark grey again long tee or baggy top 6 Not sure if I'd wear 6 haha but Id just wear a white shirt.. could never go wrong with a white top right? ;) and the last ones that aren't marked with a number, these are black and white and would be perfect for a long loose shirt in ANY color! As far…

Favorite fast food!?

Wendy's :)Ask me questions..

how did yu start your own buisness?? maybe you can make a video on that

This is a ? I get a lot so I will be making a video on it soon :)Ask me questions..

what hair color do you think best suits a lighter skin tone girl like me?

you'd look awesome with lots of blonde in our hairAsk me questions..

What would u recommend for dry sensitive skin and redness? Foundation wise

Drug store foundation Im gonna say True Match :)Ask me questions..

What would you say is the one struggle you have in your relationship?

Ask me questions about Anything, keep it clean!

Lets talk music... My current favorite mixtapes!

A lot of you ask me.. "Kasey where do you get your music from?" ... Well I listen to a lot of underground artist I rarely listen to the radio and mainstream music. So I just want to share a few mix tapes I recently downloaded that IM LOVING!
You like free stuff right?  Well these mix tapes are free! <3  Check em out...
Jhene Aiko Sailing Souls

Tinashe In case we die
Bei Maejor Upscale
Delilah 2-4am

Teyana Taylor The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor