You choose my next Makeup Tutorial ....

Which look would you like to see next...

Adele's March 2012 VOGUE COVER


Amanda Seyfrieds March 2012 GLAMOUR COVER

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Anonymous said…
Adel's makeup looks awful. I'm sad that so many people want the tutorial on that. D:
Anonymous said…
Adel´s makeup! Love your blog and your videos!
Maddy said…
Amanda's! Purely because I can't stand Adele lol.
came to your blog after watching a TON of your makeup videos on youtube. loved them! following. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi from Sweden :-)

I`m new to your blog but I have followed you on youtube and think you do a really great job!
Just a little comment: I think the posts here would be easier (more relaxing) to read if they were in a different typing. Now the fonts are "leaned back", if you know what I mean :-) Looking forward to reading more on your blog! Kind wishes, K

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