Save Money Sunday: Kids Clothes!

Hello and HAPPY  NEW YEAR! <3
I can not tell you how happy I am the holidays are over :)
Im off to a great start so far.. house nice and clean, laundry is all done, purse reorganized and cleaned and the mini van is even nice and shiny!
So I was cleaning out the kiddos closets and sorting the kids clothes, now many of you know I have 2 boys and 2 girls (also 2 step boys!)
Now what Ive done for awhile now is hand my oldest (9) sons clothes down to my youngest boy (soon going to be 4) and of course I only store the clothes that made it haha things like jeans, shorts and jackets and a few shirts. This saves me so much money on the expensive things like the jeans and jackets!
And I think its awesome my youngest (Noah) is so honored and happy to wear his big brothers old clothes! I plan on doing this with Mariah (7) and Bianca (7months) 
Don't be afraid to "hand me down"
So what I did recently was created a storage bin for Dominics clothes that don't fit him anymore and that are in good condition and a storage for Mariahs clothes that no longer fit her.
One is labeled Noahs future clothes and the other labeled Biancas future clothes :)
These are stored in their closets up out of the way on the top shelves! 

Now if you don't have 2 boys or 2 girls.. another option is to take your childs un used clothes to a Twice as Nice or Buffalo Exchange (these are stores here in Az) or to your local Hand me down/Trade in store. 
You'd be surprised at what you find! I love shopping at these stores even for myself.
I bought Dominic (9) a pair of Az Jean co. jeans (looked brand new) for $6
I've gotten tons of clothes for the kiddos at thrift stores and walked out paying $50
Also don't be afraid to buy clothing a little bigger
No Im not saying ridiculously big, for example Noah will be 4 next month, he wears a size 4t now that FITS him, I will now start buy 5t, it may be a little big but nothing super noticeable, I do this with their shoes as well, if Mariah fits in a 13 1/2 Im buying the 14.
I get a few extra months outta things this way :)
Also when shopping at Target, Jc Penny or Old Navy.... most of the time I only buy from the "sale" sections or clearance racks ! 
Well thats all I got for now! Thanks for your time <3


Shannon Dempsey said…
I have a little girl who is 3(but acts like she is 20 lol)and she wears 3t(of course)but i buy her size 4t.Looking at her you can't tell her clothes are a size bigger so i agree...
Mommy2Boys said…
My oldest son will be 6 on the 13th of this month and wears from 7-8 clothing and my other son will be 4 on the 29th of this month and is in a 2t!!! I'm finding it hard because their size and season never seem to match up! So I find myself having to buy them each new clothes!! One great tip is buying clothes from wal-mart. Most pple don't realize walmart has a "if they wear out before you out grow them" policy so I can return all clothing that is worn out and get new ones for my youngest!! ( also if they don't carry that same style as you originally purchased they give you your money back on a gift card or store credit!!)
Shannon Dempsey said…
wow i didn't know walmart had that....i got to see if mine has that
Angela said…
I have 4 kids... (3 girls and 1 boy). With my girls, I've always just saves the clothes and so my now 2 year old is actually wearing many of my 8 and 6 year ild's clothes! It's great to not have to go on a huge shopping spree for clothes because they are soooo expensive!!! Now my boy (who is my last baby) grows so fast, I wish I had hand me downs for him but I guess I can handle buying him new wardrobes every month or 2 ;)

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