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So Random Saturday: IM A MEAN MOM!

Im the meanest mom! It all started a few years ago, when I let my oldest son start playing "war" games on his xbox. I knew that his friends had these games and he enjoyed playing them. With him wanting to be a cop and interested in being the army when he gets older I didnt see any harm. Well over the years and after spending lots of money on games like "Black Ops" and "Socom" and seeing a huge change in his behavior and one day watching him play one of these games and actually hearing what they say in the game and the actual content of these video games I finally said NO MORE! Me and Joseph (my significant other/daddy) agreed to get rid of all the war games and any game with the rating of Teen or Mature. My son who is 9 of course is upset and now I feel bad cause I feel like he should have never been able to play these games in the first place. Its been about a month since hes been able to play any of these games and I have seen a huge change in his behavior,…

Catching Up! Mommy tip, Dinner Recipe & Snack talk!

Mommy Tip Monday: My favorite Tummy Control Cami :) I've tried A LOT of tummy control camis, spanx, even body suits that suck it all in! Im not a fan of "power panties" or the tummy control underwear I feel like those flatten my booty haha And Im not big on the body suits that suck it all in.. not comfy at all! I am a fan of Tummy Control camis, I just wanted to share my favorite! Im super picky when it comes to these some are super tight around the bust area and can flatten your boobies.  :) So yeah here is my all time fav.... this sucker actually take inches of my waist !
MY #1 favorite TUMMY CONTROL CAMI of them all is the Suddenly Skinny Self Expressions Firm Control Tummy Toning Cami: I have every color they have!   I got mine at Target :)

Tonights Dinner Tuesday:
Sweet & Sour Chicken (Low Calorie Style) Served with Brown Rice
OMG This was sooo good! 

1 Tablespoon Cornstarch1 Teaspoon Garlic Powder1/4 Teaspoon SaltGround Black Pepper, To Taste1 Pound Trimmed Bo…

Save Money Sunday: Kids Clothes!

Hello and HAPPY  NEW YEAR! <3 I can not tell you how happy I am the holidays are over :) Im off to a great start so far.. house nice and clean, laundry is all done, purse reorganized and cleaned and the mini van is even nice and shiny! So I was cleaning out the kiddos closets and sorting the kids clothes, now many of you know I have 2 boys and 2 girls (also 2 step boys!) Now what Ive done for awhile now is hand my oldest (9) sons clothes down to my youngest boy (soon going to be 4) and of course I only store the clothes that made it haha things like jeans, shorts and jackets and a few shirts. This saves me so much money on the expensive things like the jeans and jackets! And I think its awesome my youngest (Noah) is so honored and happy to wear his big brothers old clothes! I plan on doing this with Mariah (7) and Bianca (7months)  Don't be afraid to "hand me down" So what I did recently was created a storage bin for Dominics clothes that don't fit him anymore and that a…