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Toddlers And Medicine: Tips to get it down!

Delivery: Use a medicine dropper and not the cup.
The right aim:  Taste buds are concentrated on the front and center of the tongue, so bypass those finicky taste zones by placing the medicine near the back of her/his tongue.  Or try dropping it between the rear gum and the inside of her cheek, where it will easily glide down her/his throat with minimal contact with taste buds.  (Yes, this requires a bit of skill, and maybe an extra set of hands to keep your toddler still while you perfect your dunk shot.)
Hide it: Ask your doctor if it’s okay to sneak the particular medicine into foods or drinks.  If you get the thumbs-up on that, stir the medicine into a small amount of applesauce, ice cream, or fruit juice. My favorite (or theirs..haha) is chocolate syrup!  But remember, if you do mix the meds into something else, your toddler needs to eat or drink the whole thing in order to get the full dosage.
Give them a say: Empower your child by lettering her choose between different flavor…

Thrifty Thursday: Mac lipstick dupe alert

#ThriftyThursday If you love or if you have been wanting to try Mac's angel lipstick save yourself some money and pick up this drug store dupe! In person you can't tell them apart! Same texture and everything !

10 ways to make Mommy Life a little simpler !

Hey ladies so I get asked ALL the time what I do to relax or how I deal with so many kids and stay sane lol
Let me just say Im going crazy half the time but I do have a few tips Id like to share that do help, hope these are useful to some of you!
1.Handle important two-minute tasks immediately. 2. Meal plan (I weekly meal plan)  3. Do laundry every time you have enough to make a load, put it away as soon as it comes out the dryer (Im Still trying to master this one :) 4. Set your clothes out and your kiddos clothes out the night before. 5. Some of you may not like this idea but I keep all of my kids socks in one basket they are not matched I just throw them in there, Keep in mind I have 4 sometimes 6 kids so for me to sit and match theirs and mine and Joseph's is just not realistic for me. This saves a lot of stress and time.  I keep a basket for all of their socks and a basket for mine and Joseph's.  6. Crossbody bag A hands-free, crossbody purse is great for moms who need to use thei…

My new favorite foundation! Kat Von D Lock it tattoo

Hello..  So Im here to review Kat Von D's  "Lock It Tattoo foundation" Before we start heres a little background on what I usually look for in a foundation... Im a liquid foundation user. I usually go for full coverage and I prefer matte finishes. My skin... is super oily so I also go for oil free foundations. I also have sensitive skin, I easily break out :( I've been using Estee Lauders double wear the past 3 years (my color was ecru) and up until now its been my favorite.. but now this Lock It Tattoo is my new obsession and heres why..
Pros: *Long wearing  (from 8am to midnight this stuff didn't budge with and without a primer I did however blot twice.. not a big deal :) *Oil free *Fragrance free *Matte *Flawless finish (It covers EVERYTHING) *A tiny bit goes a LONG way *Highly Pigmented *Has a pump *Didnt break me out *No need for touch ups *Light 46 is my shade DEAD ON.. its perfect *No need for concealer *It doesn't oxidize 
Cons: *Can look cakey if applied too heavily, use a TI…

6 baby steps you can take to loose weight!

Just sharing the steps Im taking to loose weight and get in shape!
1. Until I get down to a goal size (which is 145) I will be taking in 1200 calories a day.
2. I eat 5 times a day. Breakfast: Ex: Eggs whites and fruit  Snack: Cucumbers and lemon Lunch: Turkey sandwich on wheat no cheese olive oil may Snack: Wheat thins  Dinner: Grilled Chicken salad
3. I drink water before and after every meal and snack
4. To cure my sweet tooth cravings I will eat fruit or oats n honey granola. To cure my crunchy cravings I will eat celery with peanut butter or low fat cream cheese.
5. Jog 30 minutes a day 6 times a week Jillian Michael's ripped in 30 days 6 times a week.
6. I use MYFITNESSPAL to track my calories and exercise  StillGlam (Add me)  :)

How to wear floral printed jeans!

Floral jeans are everywhere right now. Im a huge fan of these girly printed jeans. Great for day or night wear, spring or fall, dress them up or down!  Heres some inspirations and tips on how to wear these fun bottoms :)
My favorite way ! For a girly daytime look pair floral jeans with a denim top!
Wear em with a grey top!

Try a white top, for simplicity! I LOVE blazers with floral pants as well.. great for fall Chunky jackets for winter A cream blazer/jacket also compliments these jeans well

Kids Fashion on a budget!

I am a mommy of 4, dressing four little ones and keeping up with the current trends for them can be pricey. Over the years I've learned some ways to save on money when it comes to shopping for my children's clothing, shoes and accessories. Im here to share some of those tips with you.. so lets get started!1. Shop department store clearance racks You can find some really good deals, I usually only buy from these racks when I shop at department stores 2. Accept Freebies Take advantage of the offer 3. Yards Sales I have great success at finding more baby and toddler clothes at yard sales but I sometimes get lucky with the older kids clothes.  4. Pass it down  I pass my oldest sons clothes that are in good condition and no longer fit down to my younger son, same goes with my oldest daughter, my youngest gets her good conditioned clothing  5. Shop at consignment stores I love these store. I frequently shop at these places I always find great pieces; accessories, shoes and clothing at grea…

My top 3 Favorite Fall Trends!

So fall is here and that means leather jackets and new beauty trends!  Theres lots of fun fall trends that Im loving this year and I want to share my top 10. 
In no particular order..
Ankle Boots
The ankle boot is always a fall essential! There are so many new and wantable options to choose from, I had to put this in my top 10.  My wardrobe suggestion:  My favorite look with these boots have to be Skinny jeans, simple shirt and a vintage blazer!

Neck Muffs and Scarves

You can never go wrong with a pretty scarf to add some color and coziness to your fall wardrobe. 
So many different lengths, colors, styles available.. the possibilities are endless!

Bold Plum Lips

This color may seem challenging for most.. but with the right eyeshadow and quiet cheeks you may just like the bolder lips.

My Must Have "Bath Time" Products!

My favorite bath products from HEAD TO TOE  :)
Caress Tahitian Renewal  w/Exfoliating Pomegranate Body Wash  About $5

*The scent is amazing. Very Tropical :)

*If my skin starts to feel bumpy this stuff
exfoliates like a dream! Leaving my skin very smooth.
*Has a great lather 

*I use this every other day.

Dove Beauty Cream Bar About $2
*The scent is simple and soft, I love it!
*Very moisturizing
*Great lather
*Leaves skin soft and clean
*I use this daily

Neat Feet Pumice Stone About $4
The heels of my feet can get pretty rough sometimes This thing buffs away everything leaving my heels super soft! I use this once a week.
St. Ives Apricot Scrub  About $5

Current Favorite Songs!

As requested by many of my twitter followers heres a list of my current favorite songs... #R&B

Tinashe: Stargazing
Jhene Aiko: 3:16
 Jhene Aiko: For my brother
Sammie: Insomnia
Jeremih: Rosa Acosta
 Jeremih: 773 Love
 Jeremih: Rated R
 Jeremih: F*?K You
Just download this whole mix tape.. lol 
 Japollonia: Blinded
Japollonia: Drowning
 Japollonia: All Night
Japollonia ft. Dom Kennedy: My type of party http://www.…

How to wear patterned leggings..

So this is a current trend that I AM LOVING! I just wanted to share the correct ways (in my opinion) on how to wear them :)
I like the material to be cotton (more comfy) As I wear these particularly in the daytime and cotton is more casual. I even like the spandex materials too!
I buy mine at Wet Seal. Styles for less. Sears & Forever 21
So basically you want to keep the top PLAIN.. no patterned shirts. Keep your top SOLID.  So for leggings  1 I would probably wear a cream off the should loose shirt. 2 Maybe a boyfriend tee, I would choose a color.. BRIGHT blue or HOT PINK 3 Either a black or white.. loose and long shirt. 4 I would stick with a cream colored long tee 5 You could do yellow, white, blue dark grey again long tee or baggy top 6 Not sure if I'd wear 6 haha but Id just wear a white shirt.. could never go wrong with a white top right? ;) and the last ones that aren't marked with a number, these are black and white and would be perfect for a long loose shirt in ANY color! As far…

Favorite fast food!?

Wendy's :)Ask me questions..

how did yu start your own buisness?? maybe you can make a video on that

This is a ? I get a lot so I will be making a video on it soon :)Ask me questions..

what hair color do you think best suits a lighter skin tone girl like me?

you'd look awesome with lots of blonde in our hairAsk me questions..

What would u recommend for dry sensitive skin and redness? Foundation wise

Drug store foundation Im gonna say True Match :)Ask me questions..

What would you say is the one struggle you have in your relationship?

Ask me questions about Anything, keep it clean!

Lets talk music... My current favorite mixtapes!

A lot of you ask me.. "Kasey where do you get your music from?" ... Well I listen to a lot of underground artist I rarely listen to the radio and mainstream music. So I just want to share a few mix tapes I recently downloaded that IM LOVING!
You like free stuff right?  Well these mix tapes are free! <3  Check em out...
Jhene Aiko Sailing Souls

Tinashe In case we die
Bei Maejor Upscale
Delilah 2-4am

Teyana Taylor The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor

You choose my next Makeup Tutorial ....

Which look would you like to see next...
Adele's March 2012 VOGUE COVER
Amanda Seyfrieds March 2012 GLAMOUR COVER
What look would you like to see next?Adele in VOGUEAmanda in free polls

So Random Saturday: IM A MEAN MOM!

Im the meanest mom! It all started a few years ago, when I let my oldest son start playing "war" games on his xbox. I knew that his friends had these games and he enjoyed playing them. With him wanting to be a cop and interested in being the army when he gets older I didnt see any harm. Well over the years and after spending lots of money on games like "Black Ops" and "Socom" and seeing a huge change in his behavior and one day watching him play one of these games and actually hearing what they say in the game and the actual content of these video games I finally said NO MORE! Me and Joseph (my significant other/daddy) agreed to get rid of all the war games and any game with the rating of Teen or Mature. My son who is 9 of course is upset and now I feel bad cause I feel like he should have never been able to play these games in the first place. Its been about a month since hes been able to play any of these games and I have seen a huge change in his behavior,…

Catching Up! Mommy tip, Dinner Recipe & Snack talk!

Mommy Tip Monday: My favorite Tummy Control Cami :) I've tried A LOT of tummy control camis, spanx, even body suits that suck it all in! Im not a fan of "power panties" or the tummy control underwear I feel like those flatten my booty haha And Im not big on the body suits that suck it all in.. not comfy at all! I am a fan of Tummy Control camis, I just wanted to share my favorite! Im super picky when it comes to these some are super tight around the bust area and can flatten your boobies.  :) So yeah here is my all time fav.... this sucker actually take inches of my waist !
MY #1 favorite TUMMY CONTROL CAMI of them all is the Suddenly Skinny Self Expressions Firm Control Tummy Toning Cami: I have every color they have!   I got mine at Target :)

Tonights Dinner Tuesday:
Sweet & Sour Chicken (Low Calorie Style) Served with Brown Rice
OMG This was sooo good! 

1 Tablespoon Cornstarch1 Teaspoon Garlic Powder1/4 Teaspoon SaltGround Black Pepper, To Taste1 Pound Trimmed Bo…