Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hair Extentions! My top picks!

With so many hair extension companies out there it may be overwhelming on which one to go with.
I have tried many different brands and put each brand to the test with
Wearing, Straightening, curling & washing.
All set are 100% human hair!
You can style with heat, dye, wash and treat like your own hair :)
 Here are my reviews on the companies Ive tried :)

Hello Gorgeous
The 20inch Deluxe set 
The Hair:
These are the thickest set I own and The priciest. They come with 8 pieces and are double wefted!
Since these are super thick (240 grams is a lot of hair!)
Thats double the hair that the popular Luxy & Foxy hair extensions offer!
The clips on these are great.
Their color selection is great too.. I like that they have highlighted colors because some companies only have solid colors to choose from.
How long they last:
Ive owned this set for a little over a year now.
Ive used a lot of heat and styled these quite frequently.
I washed them about twice a week.
And they are still looking and feeling pretty as ever!
Shipping & Customer Sevice:
Shipping was average. Took about a week for me to receive them.
Customer Service was great, I've been in contact with the owner a few different times with ?'s and concerns and she was a big help and very friendly!
 Overall & Price:
These are definitely worth the money. ($277.00 thats with shipping) Again they have smaller sets to choose from if you dont want that much hair)
These arent my favorite for an everyday use because they are sooo thick....
(If you have thick hair this would be a great set for you)
I used these mostly for special occasions or night outings :)

Foxy Locks
The Hair:
I got their deluxe set. 160 grams.
The hair was a little dry compared to the other companies.
The set has 10 pieces. The clips weren't my favorite.. sometimes the would pop back open, which drove me crazy! For color selection they only have solid colors.
How long they last:
I used these for about 3 months before I couldnt use them any more.
Styled them about once a week, washed them a few times...
Not sure if it was just my set or if all the sets are like this
but the hair just got too dry for me to continue to use.
Shipping and Customer Service:
If your in the US keep in mind this company is based in Great Britan.
I am in the Us and it took about a month for me to receive my hair.
Imogen the owner helped me choose my shade and was very friendly and helpful.
Overall & Price:
Im not sure if it was just my set that was dry... I would be willing to try them out again in the future.
Great for thick or thin hair.
These cost me about $140 (US) thats with shipping.

Pro Extensions
The Hair:
I got the standard 20 inch set. This hair was sooo soft!
It comes with 10 wefts and I really liked the clips on these.
Their have a nice color selection too, with highlights or solid color.
How long they last:
Ive had these for almost 2 years now! This was my first hair extension purchase!
Ive done lots of flat ironing to these and their still soft as ever and in great shape.
Shipping and Customer Service: 
Their shipping is the best!
They overnight them! I ordered mine on a Tuesday evening and got them Thursday!
& Shipping is free!! Cant beat that!
Overall & Price:
So overall these extensions are great! & Their the cheapest Ive seen, $99.99 again free shipping!
Not sure what the grams are on these but I have thin hair and these worked out great for me!

Head Kandy
The Hair:
  The set I got was the 20-22 inches long, 180 grams!
Long, super thick and very soft. The clips on these are nice had no problems with them.
I really like the way the wefts are broken down. 
1.5 inch (1clip) = 2 pieces
4 inch (2 clips) = 5 pieces
6 inch (3 clips) = 2 pieces
8 inch Quad Weft (3 clips) = 1 piece ~ 4 wefts on 1 strip (3clips)
Their have a nice color selection too, with highlights or solid color.

How long they last:
Ive had these for about a year.. their still in great shape!
Hair still feels nice and healthy and the clips are still nice and secure.
Shipping and Customer Service: 
Shipping took about a week. So average.
Customer Service was great :)
Overall & Price:
The price is average, about $180 thats with shipping.
What I like most about this set is the way the wefts are broken down, makes great for blending and placement! Great hair.. no complaints!

 The Hair:
  The set I got was the 20 inch deluxe set 150 grams!
The clips are nice, no complaints there.
The hair was nice and silky.
I just dont like the way the wefts are broken down "/
(they used to be different but now they come like this... )
There are 5 wefts
One 8" wide piece
One 7" wide piece
One 6" wide piece
Two 3.5" wide pieces
Now to get an even coverage I dont see how 5 wefts and those sizes would work "/
They do have a nice color selection.

How long they last:
These lasted me about 6 months.
I had to discontinue them cause of how dry they got and the split ends.
Shipping and Customer Service: 
Shipping took about 4 days & It was international! :)
Customer Service was good :)
Overall & Price:
With shipping these are about $180, after trying other companies these are not worth the money!
I cant say that I would orders these again.. not with they way they have the wefts broken down and the fact theres only 5 now, I do not like that!


 The Hair:
  I got their deluxe set. 160 grams.
The hair was thick, super long, silky & super soft. The clips are great too!
I love the way the wefts come, makes for easy blending and great coverage!
I just wish they had highlight's in their color selection, they only have solid colors.
How long they last:
Ive had mine for a year now. I've styled the crap outta these haha !
I got the dark brown set cause my hair was solid brown at the time, I recently got highlights so
I choose to try out my Luxy extensions and got them highlighted too about a month ago and their still in great shape!
Shipping and Customer Service: 
Customer service is great, the company is owned by the Luxy sisters who have a youtube channel, 
which is amazing! Any ?'s Ive had they both have been their to help. 
Shipping was super fast too, plus shipping is free!!
Overall & Price:
The hair, clips, weft sizes and just overall I give a 10!
Very happy with my experience with Luxy.
These are totally worth the money about $140

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Current Favorite Songs!

My current favorite songs <3
Just google or youtube them to hear em' !

Hazy- Rosi Golan feat. William Fitzsimmons

She Likes - Pleasure P. Ft LeToya 

Motivation Remix - Kelly Rowland, Trey Songz, Busta Ryhmes & Fabulous

Party - Beyonce ft Andre 3000

Best Thing I never had - Beyonce

I wish I was yours - Tank ft Letoya

Ya Body - Ray Lavender ft Tank

Be the one - Llyod ft Trey Songz

How to love - Lil Wayne

Novacane - Frank Ocean

Without you - Stacy Barthe ft Frank Ocean

I got that love - Chris Walker