Monday, March 7, 2011

Product of the week !

Cover FX 
Mineral Powder Foundation
A little bit about my skin...
Its oily, prone to breakouts, has redness & sensitive.

So with summer coming 
I try to stay away from liquid foundation 
or cream foundations.
Especially with my oily skin.
So I made a trip to Sephora in search of 
a new foundation =)
I asked the girl at the counter
what she recommends and she suggested 
I try Cover Fx "powder foundation"
At first I wasnt interested
I told her my concerns on coverage
and I was afraid it wouldnt last.
She said she has
been using it for awhile now and she
So I took of my foundation I had on 
(Hate doing this "/)
And she tried it on me.. & I fell in love!
So I purchased it
A little pricey but the coverage
and finish is sooo worth it!

 Heres some more info 
to sum up my review.. 

NONE.. & I can get shiny! 
Out of 5 star?
I give it a big fat 5
(I still use concealer for any spots)
Would I purchase again?
Yes, when I run out
Im definitely re buying!

This is honestly the best foundation that I have ever used. 
The coverage is amazing for a powder, I put it on with a brush (Mac 139). 
You can layer it for full coverage or put just a little for a lighter look. 
Ive used it for about a week now and my skin is absolutely clear 
dont know if its the foundation or just a good week. 
I think its helped clear my skin! Ill keep ya updated!
 Hard to believe a product with such great coverage can feel so light and breathable.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Whats for dinner? Mac N Cheese with Tuna!

One of my favorite 
things to eat!

All you need is:

A box of Elbow Macaroni 

About 4 table spoons of butter

8 oz of Velveeta Cheese

1 can of tuna (in water) Drained.

Splash of Milk

In a pot.. Boil some water.. cook your noodles. 
Add your butter, milk and cheese.
(I cut up the velveeta so it melts easier)
Turn the heat on looow =)
Once all is mixed well together.
Add your can of tuna.
Mix together.
Salt & Pepper to taste.

(Can be served as a side or alone.. asparagus? =)