My favorite hair products of 2011!

I wanted to share my favorite hair products of 2011 with you all :)
Stay tuned for my favorite beauty/makeup products, that will be in a video on my you tube channel :)
So when it comes to hair care.. I like to spend a little bit more money (when it comes to hair care I believe you get what you pay for) So no drug store products for me, when I say drug store I mean Pantene, Dove, Suave.. etc. they do nothing for my hair. At the same time Im not one to spend $20+ bucks on shampoo and conditioner either. So I try to stay on a budget while getting quality products! So with that said here are my favorite hair products of 2011!


Rusk Sensories Smoother 
$9.99 ea. @ Marshalls
This product tamed my frizzy/dry hair!
The smell is great, light & floraly.
Leaves my hair feeling clean and super soft.

Nexxus Therappe Luxury Moisturizing
$12 ea. @ Target or Walgreens
I have pretty damaged hair so its hard to find a product that makes my hair feel and look healthy!
This is one of them that left my hair feeling soft, flowy, shiny and amazing. 


 Organix Macadamia Oil Hydrating Mask
7.99 @ Target
OMG! This product is AMAZING!! I have never used a hair mask that left my hair so hydrated!
I can not live without this hair mask! And the best thing is is that its affordable!

Nexxus Pro Mend Split End Binding Targeted Leave-In Treatment
$9.99 @ Walgreens
This product saved my ends!! I seen a dramatic difference in the appearance of my ends after just the first use! I buy it every 3 months or so, it last awhile and a little goes along way! Again I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Chi Silk Infusion
$13.99 @
I will not flat iron or style my hair without this stuff! I LOVE the smell and the way it makes my hair feel, I WILL NEVER use another serum again, this stuff is my 2nd bff!

Chi 44 Iron Guard
$13.99 @ Target
I love the smell and I notice a difference in my hair when I use this stuff and when I dont. My hair has definitely gotten healthy since using this product, Ive tried tons of heat protectant sprays and they all have left a residue and sticky feeling to my hair but this stuff leaves it shiny and protected :)


TIGI Bed head Hard Head Hairspray 
$16 @ Target
This is the best hair spray out there. I use this for volume, up do's, after I curl my hair or extensions.. a few sprays and your hair will look fresh and styled HOURS later. I swear by this hair spray. 

Big Sexy Root Pump Mousse
$15 @
This is the only product that will give my hair LIFT and VOLUME, I LOVE big hair and this products gives me just that, I have fine thin hair and this stuff BLOWS IT UP! :) In a good way!

Bed Head Superstar blow dry lotion
$13 @ Target

I know I will have a good hair day when I use this stuff. My hair is fine and this stuff give me thick hair! It gives me tons of body, I just love this stuff and the smell is great!

Well there ya have it :) What is your MUST HAVE hair product, leave a comment <3


JerseyShoreFan said…
As for my favorite products... I've tried literally everything because I worked at Chatter's Salon and got a discount. I like Redken the best, especially "Clear Moisture," and "Real Control." Redken is so amazing!

Anyway, I've been trying to grow my hair long since 2007 with no success... and the last time my hair was long I was using cheap drugstore products. So I'm going to experiment using drugstore products for awhile to see if it helps me get longer hair. My reason for wondering is that I heard drugstore products leave a coating on your hair - so maybe the coating helps protect your hair from breakage? We will see :)
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happigranni said…
I live in Oracle, AZ and I've found that you still can go to a Beauty Supply place and buy some things there without needing a beautician's license. Also regarding about making your hair grow. I've found that the best thing for me was to take Vitamins and Minerals that are specifically for Nails, Hair & Bones. I even found that the "Dollar General Store" brand helped me tremendously! Even my hair stylist noticed and commented on how long it had grown. Of course if you have really bad hair, you have to take the vitamins for quite along time. Another good thing for your hair, it's cheap, but smelly. It's Apple cider vinegar..It has to be the Apple Cider Vinegar, not White Vinegar, or any other type that I know of. Anyway, I believe it's 1 Tbls (maybe 2 Tbls) of vinegar per 1 quart of water and mix it together. You use it as a rinse. It will really make your hair soft and shiney. It also works to de-tangle your hair.
ta son said…
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