Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mommy Tip Monday

Family Fun  

The other day my kiddos Mariah(7) and Noah(3) kept saying "Mommy we're bored.. we have nothing to do" 
It was lunch time and I thought of the perfect plan.
Lets play restaurant!
We took out some paper and crayons.
 Me and the kids created a couple menus.
They made up the restaurant name "A good place to eat" :)
We listed a few food choices on the menu that were actually their options.
After we did this I pretended to be the waitress and sat them at the table.
I took their drink order..brought out some cheese and crackers, came back with the drinks then took their food order. While cooking what they "ordered" I kept checking to see if they needed refills and if my "customers" were enjoying them selves :)
As soon as their food was done I served them their plates.
Corn dogs and Mac N Cheese... yummy ! :)
Again, I kept checking on them refilling drinks.
After they were finished eating I offered dessert and of course they wanted dessert.
The only dessert on the menu that day was Chocolate pudding so they went with that.
Finally I brought them a bill, they "paid" haha
This was so much fun to do with them, who knew lunch time could go so smoothly!
The kids always ask to play restaurant now, its a great way to spend time with the kiddos plus your getting important things done like lunch or dinner ;p
Just wanted to share one of the ways I like to spend time with the kiddos <3


Arezu said...

Aww, haha that is SO cute!

I remember when we were younger we use to do kind of the same thing, we would be eating our mac & cheese and we were pretending we were on cooking TV show, me and my sister still laugh about it to this day!

Jaye said...

That's a great idea! I bet it helps prepare kids for actually going out to eat as well. I'll keep this in mind as a form of entertainment :)

Aricciakarmelle said...
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yami said...

awww super cute idea ......

Anonymous said...

I love your blog you give me so many ideas. I can really relate to you. I would love to hear how you budget now for Christmas for gifts for the kids and such. Or any family traditions you may have. :)

Anonymous said...

so awesome! quality time while doing what needs to be done. and i agree, i think it helps prepare their manners and stuff for when they actually go out to eat :)kasey, youre a genius!

Anonymous said...

You seem like such a fun, very patient mom! Love reading about your creative ideas. :)