Mommy Tip Monday: My kids bedtime routine

I thought it would be fun to discuss bedtime routines. In my home, bedtime isnt always the funnest part of my day I have to admit. It can be a big struggle. So we have established some bedtime routines to help the kids understand that bedtime is…bedtime! I love routines and I think they are so important to have~

So here it is... my kiddos bedtime routine <3

Bedtime starts shortly after dinner and last about an hour.

1. Brush teeth, we do this before their bath cause they usually get tooth paste on their p.j's

2. Bath time

3. Pj's on and take a few minutes to help them set their clothes out for school the next day. 

4. Potty time

5.Story Time

6. Small talk, depending on how many children you have, I start with the oldest to youngest.. I ask them things like, "What did you learn today?" or "What was your favorite part of the day?"

7. Lights go off and night light goes on!

I usually have this set up so Im walking out of their rooms around 7:30 and they are actually asleep by 8pm :)

Do you have a bedtime routine?


Blanca1018♥ said…
That's a great routine. I don't have any kids yet but I like the sound of yours. Specially the part where you have a little talk with each one... Does your hubby help out in all this?

Thanks for sharing! <3
MZ.CYN said…
That's a great bed time routine. I usually get home around 6:30 then start on dinner, the clean up, then help with HW, and finally around 8:30 we r ready to start our bed time routine. It's kinda late but it's working so far.
Because of one of your earlier posts [about your weekday routine] I realized how important it is to have a routine! (My baby is 3 months old and people have been telling me to establish a routine for her since the very beginning... but I was kinda just going with her flow up until yesterday.) Slowly but surely we're gonna develop some kind of routine, and hopefully it'll reallyreallyreally help her feel more secure and at ease once bedtime rolls around each night. I'm sooo looking forward to sleeping through the night. Hope I get to enjoy that soon! Love your blog!
ABeautyFly said…
That's a great routine. My daughter is about to be 1 and I've been trying to put her on a routine for the longest. But she doesn't like the routines, she creates her own routines and changes them after a while.
Natalie said…
Once my kids are in school, I will have to start a routine like this. Especially because I want to make sure they get adequate sleep. Right now, my son is 2 and I have a newborn baby girl... I work around their schedule right now ;)
Julie said…
Oh, wow! I wish I could get my kids into bed by 730PM.
Angelina said…
I have such a hard time with bedtime. I start making dinner around 6:30 then by 8:00pm my son is all cleaned up. He has so much energy that he doesn't go to sleep until 10pm. Any tips?
Pinkk said…
Hi! My routine>>> Ok soo, By 6:15 we are having dinner.The kids have had baths..with hw done. After they eat i let them have some time to relax, talk about our fav cartoons,ect...@ 7:30 they start brushing teeths... and off to bed for a goodnite sleep with xoxo..zzz
I've Created this routine for years & it has work. Thank God.. (:

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