Mommy Tip Monday: Makeing time for YOU!

Being a mommy to 4 sometimes 6 (I have 2 step boys), a business owner and being pretty much "married" I feel like saying having a boyfriend doesnt sound serious but were basically married haha in our hearts!;)
Gets pretty overwhelming and can be draining.. its not as easy as I make it look haha!
Its so important to recharge your batteries and take a few hours out the day or night for yourself and I dont mean once a month!
So for todays blog Im just gonna go over some things I like to do for myself!

Things I like to do before the kids wake in the morning:
My makeup :) I dont get to do this daily but Im trying to get in a routine where Im always ready, as busy as I am theres too many occasions where I need to run out the door and I got on flip flops, sweats, my "boyfriends" shirt on with some type of poo or spit up on it and some CRAZY hair! haha
So yeah getting off topic here.. A lot of girls ask when do you have time to do your makeup, DO IT IN THE MORNING when the kiddos are still in bed!
Make yourself a cup of coffee, open some windows.. let light in. Sit and slowly drink your coffee
(or whatever you like to drink) I've recently started drinking coffee <3 I try to keep it "skinny" there I go again going off topic.
Read a book or a magazine! Even if its just 15 minutes.
At night after the kids go to sleep is a great time to take advantage of some "me time" too!
You can do some more reading, I enjoy a nice bath with some candles!
I also like blogging !
Write in a journal
Those are little things you can do daily!

Get your nails done
Get a pedi or give yourself one
Buy yourself something.. makeup, nail polish a new purse?
Go out with the girls!
Sometimes Joe and I will go out together as a couple and sometimes I just go with the girls.
Drinks and dancing, dinner and a movie! These kinda nights are sooo fun and definitely recharge mommys batteries haha!

Never feel bad for making time for yourself... it really is vital and so important!
So starting today!! Make time for YOU!!

Thanks to DanielleSwain  for todays topic!


ABeautyFly said…
How do you get the energy to do everything. At first when I had my daughter the lack of sleep didn't bother me and I was fine. But now that she's about to be one, I feel like the sleep deprivation is catching up with me. I drink coffee but it doesn't make a big difference. I just get so tired that when I'm not running around chasing my daughter everywhere, or being a full time college, student, or being "wifey" I just wanna lay down. I just feel so drained all the time. I cant barely bother to get ready. How do you do it?
Still Glamorus said…
Im always tired lol but routines save my life!
Anonymous said…
My makeup is something I like doing too. I'm very blessed that I get to be a stay at home mom so even if I don't have the time in the morning, I wait til my daughter (4 months old) takes a nap. One thing I do need to do though is get out and get my nails done offer have lunch with a friend. I'm such a home body so I never get out but once the weekends comes I drive my husband crazy because I want to get out and do things with him but he wants to relax and be at home.
Janie said…
I really need a dose of "Me Time", lol! I've been runnin ragged oldest, David (who turns 13 on 12/30) has come down with a severe sore throat/flu, but luckily tests came back that it's NOT youngest, Kolton (he'll be 7mos on Christmas Day) is cutting his first 2 teeth for what seems like FOREVER! Plus, he seems to have forgotten what bedtime and sleep is for, lol, he's been waking up like 4-5x's a night again. Anyway...whether the kids or their Dad (my fiance of 15yrs) like it or not I'm making time for me!! Got a coupon in the mail for a free box of John Frieda's Foam Haircolor..going red again. Gonna watch a few of Kasey's awesome tutorials, and TRY to go out w/ the girls! I say try cause I can leave the baby w/ his Dad and head out just to the grocery store and 20min later he's callin my cell sayin the baby's freakin out and he don't know what to do!! Ughh...

Kasey...I also wanted to thank you for your YouTube vids/tutorials. You're awesome, beautiful, and a great role model to women young and old. I'll be 33 in March and only wish I could have accomplished as much as you have at your age!! Keep it up! :)
MZ.CYN said…
I really needed to read this. First off, let me just say that I enjoy reading your blogs and watching your youtube vids. Keep them up girl! I have a 5 yr old daughter, and a bf aka hubby who demand a lot of attention from me. From cooking to helping out with homework to bathtime to cleaning... ugh! The day never stops. Mind you, I have a fulltime job Mon-Fri. I'm slowly getting myself into routines but sometimes things don't go as planned. I think what has helped me a lot is making lists. I make lists for everything... "TO DO's" for the day, for the week, for the month, Grocery Lists, Bills List, Reading List, etc. I have a notepad filled with lists! lol. It has helped me stay on top of everything. I do get tired but I'm slowly adapting to the busy world. Thanks for the great tips!
♥ Helen said…
Thank you for reminding me :)
Rach Face said…
i love you mommie posts. im not a mom yet but i can not wait!! reading your posts in advance helps me mentally prepare. my boyfriends mom raised 5 kids (with her husband) and i dont know how she did it!
thank you <33

and you do make it look very easy :)
lorrianner said…
Great topic! I hope I get my one cup coffee maker for I read the part about morning coffee time before kids....I started to feel relaxed already! Great tips as always. Xoxo lorri
Hi there I just recently found your blog and I absolutely love it! I'm a mommy also, you have a lot of interesting blog posts that I can relate to. Well, you can visit my blog if you'd like and also follow :) hope we can become friends!

take care!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for inspiring me to be a better mommy and also a better wifey. :) I seem to spruce myself up more for work than I do for my husband and that's not ok. I'm planning on purchasing some new colors and try some new looks for the new year. I am 33, a nurse and a mommy of a 2 year and 1 year old boys. Married for 5 years. To start, the binder plus the menu planning before shopping will do wonders for my life and my waist! We eat take out far too much because I'm usually to tired to think up a dish nevermind make it! LOL. SO THANKS. Sasha Tai. :)
Anonymous said…
You are inspiration for me:) take care
Anonymous said…
I also have 4 kids. 8yo son 5yo twin girls and 1 yo, Im only 29 but lately I just feel so old and like I wont be able to get pretty and have fun until im 40....Anyway after seeing your videos on youtube and reading your blogs Ive started putting on make up everyday and I followed your how to curl short hair video....Since going to the hair salon every 2 weeks is no longer an option....Anyway you really inspire me to keep myself up! So I wanted to say thanks! Keep the blogs and videos coming
Anonymous said…
Hi! I soo agree...taking that time for yourself is important, For you (moms-housewives) And I beleive as a housewife& mother of 3. They depend alot from me.So your batteries have to keep going& going... LOL...Soo having that time helps to relax,rebuild,revive..your mind, body,&soul.

Also routine....which becomes something over& over...does even sets dicipline for the kiddos. Helping mommys with their busy life..That is my Opinion.

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