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Where I share my favorite "things"
Ahhh the swiffer sweeper vacuum, this things makes life so much easier!
I use it daily, after every meal or every time I see something on the floor! (TILE)
I buy the filter every 3 months and I've had it about a year now, I LOVE THIS THING!

The next best thing.. Swiffer wet jet! Again I use this daily, Great for quick pick ups and I use this by the front door. I use this for in between cleanings. So Mondays are my weekly deep cleaning and on that day I will use an actual mop but to keep up with the house I use the swiffer wet jet! Its my 2nd bff! <3

I am a sucker for a great candle and I cant get enough of Bath & Body works candles.
They are amazing! I have one in my office, family room, bathrooms, my room and kitchen.

You can never have to many wicker baskets! I love these baskets, I use them to store my kitchen wash rags/bathroom wash rags.
I keep a large basket at the end of the stair case downstairs to throw stuff that belongs upstairs and at the end of the day I take it and put everything away that belonged upstairs. I use them in my kitchen in the pantry to keep hot cocoa, top ramen and other packaged goods:)
I use to never buy baskets or storage bins cause I would say to myself  "I dont know what I'd use it for" finally I just started buying "wicker baskets" and found out I had tons of different uses for them!

Starbucks Instant coffee, great for on the go, easy and taste great! 
I only break out with this stuff when I know its gonna be a long day or need a pick me up ;)
Which is everyday haha but I do limit myself!

What are some of your favorite things!?


Sd said…
I love Bath and Body works candles!! They smell so good!

x said…
Refill the swiffer wet jet yourself and cut a dollar store microfiber cloth into fours for reusable swiffer pads. Safe yourself a pretty penny AND a little bit of landfill space too. =o)
I love the storage baskets~
Have you tried the Shark steam mop? It uses distilled water. I bought a gallon of distilled water for 80cents a year ago and I still have some left. We don't have a lot of tile, so that's probably why. LOL. But it steam cleans your floor so it's also sanitized when it's done. I love it SO MUCH!
~ Kelly Ann ♥ said…
Scentsy wax burners w/ the scent satin sheets or White Tea and Cactus Scentsy Bar is the perfect fragrance for creating a serene spa like home--

Love your blog- I finally pickup the lipstick you tweeted awhile ago- I love it!! Rimmel number 008


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