What I ate for lunch :)

Healthy Lunch Idea!

Just wanted to share todays lunch!
I am a sucker for for pizza, hot pockets and pizza rolls :p
But with trying to loose weight and eating healthy those are always the best thing for ya. Its important to keep foods you love in your new diet but just healthy versions and not as often, I tried out the Lean Pockets and they are sooo good and only 280 calories! Im counting calories (the pepperoni one is anyway)
They come in a box of two or you can buy them in bulk!
Also I drink 2 bottles of water one before my meal and one after..keeps you nice and full !


Lindsay C. said…
Have you tried Healthy Choice steamer warm-up meals? They are really good. I like the chile verde with chicken and the grilled chicken with marinara sauce and pasta. They also are low in calories like the Lean Pockets!

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