Weight Loss Tip Of The Day!

Weight loss motivation is all about desire rather than willpower. How much do you want to lose weight? How much more do you want to lose weight than you want to eat fattening food and lay on the sofa watching TV all day? List all your reasons for wanting to lose weight, or stay healthy and slim. Add more reasons to your list as you think of them. Make reading your list the first thing you do in the morning!


Brenramir said…
Hi Kasey!
You and I were pregnant together and I followed all ur pregnancy videos. And now like u, I am trying to loose this baby fat....10 more lbs to go for me :)
Please make baby videos! whats in my diaper bag, fav baby items, like and dislike for baby items. PLS
BTW my baby was born March 3rd almost like Bianca...
please ck out my blog
Monet said…
That's a great idea. I just had a baby in June..and its been pretty hard to stay "on track" but this time around im determined to feel good about myself...and walk into a clothing store and not look for things to hide my bulge but try things on because I know they will look nice...I started watching you on youtube and loved your videos I think you are a great mom and have great ideas...take care xoxo

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