My favorite healthy snacks!

100 calories or less!
(Per serving)

Love these things, great for when you craving something crunchy and sweet! 
They come in a variety of flavors these are my fav!
 Fresh fruit! Great for those sweet cravings. 

Crunchy and Salty.. these are perfect and conveniently packaged!

CHEESE!! =) The best stuff on earth

Celery and Cream cheese!! I love me some cheese! 
You can also use peanut butter. I use Low fat cream cheese!

What are your favorite HEALTHY snacks ?


Alyssa said…
I'm obsessed with celery and peanut butter! It's always my go-to snack! I haven't tried celery and cream cheese but I'm definitely going to now!! :)
MZ.CYN said…
Apples with peanut butter and whole grain crackers with goat cheese are my favorite snacks!!
Vika said…
Lately I've been into veggies with light ranch dressing as a dip: snow peas (my favourite), cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, fresh broccoli...

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