This weeks Menu: Dinner

Baked Ziti, Garden Salad and Garlic bread
(Since I am trying to loose weight I will not be eating the Garlic bread and for my family's benefit I will be using whole wheat pasta and all low/reduced fat ingredients and ground turkey instead of hamburger meat for this recipe)
Chicken, Brown rice & Asparagus
(Coming soon, whats for dinner? Tutorial) 

Chicken Enchilada Casserole 

Paprika Chicken & Veggies
Veggies: Broccoli
(I put 2% Velveeta cheese on my veggies so the kids will eat them ;)

Salsa Chicken & Brown Rice

Tuna fish Salad or Sandwhiches
with carrots and dip
(I like to keep the weekend dinners simple
just in case we have plans or decide to eat out)

Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
(I use Smart balance light butter and whole wheat bread and 2% slice cheese to keep it less fattening)
Hope you enjoy my menu leave a comment below if youd like to see more weekly menus!


Unknown said…
Please keep doing these... They are so helpful
Little Miss Em said…
Kasey, it sounds great! I love these type posts and I really think your doing great. You inspire us. Keep it up doll x
MZ.CYN said…
Great post. Please continue with them as I'm getting great ideas for dinner and losing weight ;)
Anonymous said…
These are fantastic diner ideas. Please keep them coming :-)
Brianna said…
Casey you are so beautiful, and you seem so nice. I also think that you are super talented with makeup/beauty tips/and advice on all things you post videos on. I wish I could apply my makeup like you! I purchased the vintage with two other colors a while back. I just watched your video on pressing pigments..why should we do this, is it better to use them pressed, or is it when you are almost out.. just wondering ;) please let me know. Also my baby was born on May 8th.. ;)
Anonymous said…
Please do another weekly food planner. Thanks so much for everything :-)
Melody Champion said…
Please keep the menus/recipes coming!!!!!
Anonymous said…
These are sooo helpful please do more

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