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This weeks Menu: Dinner

Mon:  Baked Ziti, Garden Salad and Garlic bread Recipe Here (Since I am trying to loose weight I will not be eating the Garlic bread and for my family's benefit I will be using whole wheat pasta and all low/reduced fat ingredients and ground turkey instead of hamburger meat for this recipe)
Tue: Chicken, Brown rice & Asparagus (Coming soon, whats for dinner? Tutorial) 
Wed: Chicken Enchilada Casserole  Recipe Here
Thu: Paprika Chicken & Veggies Recipe Here Veggies: Broccoli (I put 2% Velveeta cheese on my veggies so the kids will eat them ;)
Fri: Salsa Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Here
Sat: Tuna fish Salad or Sandwhiches with carrots and dip (I like to keep the weekend dinners simple just in case we have plans or decide to eat out)
Sun: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup (I use Smart balance light butter and whole wheat bread and 2% slice cheese to keep it less fattening) Hope you enjoy my menu leave a comment below if youd like to see more weekly menus!