My daily routine

My daily routine

I think daily routines are so important to a mommy's day (to anybody's day really!)
I couldn't imagine my life without one.
 My advice... Get a routine established, play around with it for a week or two.
See what works for you (and your family)
By adding a daily routine to your day you add structure.
A daily routine creates predictability. Predictability reduces anxiety. 
A good schedule can also help develop good habits, such as picking up after an activity is over, 
brushing teeth, homework to keeping up with laundry, etc. 
Only time my routine changes is for Dr. Appointments or special meetings. So onto my routine..

Good Morning.
Me and Baby Bianca wake up.
I feed her, change her, burp her and get her dressed :)
Miss Bianca goes back to sleep...
Next I get myself dressed and ready for the day!
Sometimes Ill do my make up and look "nice" most days.. Im in jeans and a comfy t shirt 
with simple makeup (tutorial for that here)!
Wake the kiddos up. Start a load of laundry.
I give my self a head start by having all their clothes set out the night before.
This saves time and prevents fights and whinging about what they wear.
Kiddos get dressed
Eat breakfast (during the week I keep breakfast simple. cereal.) 
I do my daughters hair.
They brush their teeth, get their shoes on, grab their lunch and back packs/
And get in line at the door!
Bianca by this time wakes back up and she gets to go in her car seat.
I take the kids to school.
Every other week when we get the boys (my step sons)
It usually takes me about an hour to drop everyone off.
As they all attend different schools.
Back home.
Transfer load you started earlier into the dryer.
(if dinners plans are cooked in a crock pot Ill start that now)
Change Miss Bianca again and shes usually ready for another feeding.
I get Noah set up with something to do.. lego's, morning cartoons or coloring.. etc.
Cause next I... 

Clock in.
I am a S.A.H.M (stay at home mom)
That works from home. 
(Lucky me I get to work with a friend who is an awesome employee)
Baby Bianca goes into her little rocker and hangs out near by while mommy works.

Snack time for Noah :)
(and mommy)
Change Miss Bianca again and shes usually ready for another feeding.
Then back to work.
Good thing for me.. Noah actually plays very well by himself!

Good Afternoon:
Baby Bianca usually goes down for a nap.
Mommy is still working.
Noah starts to get bored about now.

Lunch Time
Wrap work up and call it a day.
If I packed orders that day.. I take them to the post office.
Baby Bianca usually still sleeping.

Pick up kids from school.

Once we get home.
I change Miss Bianca again and shes usually ready for another feeding.
 Everyday I go through their back pack.
We set homework out and discuss how their day was and I look for any papers that need to be signed and returned. 

I let the kids have an hour to relax and play.
They just got home from school so I give them a break before starting homework or any chores.
Remember the load that's in the dryer.. that's get put away :)
A load a day keeps the piles away!

Kids clean up from playtime.
Good Evening:
In the kitchen. I start dinner. Kids start homework.
Bianca usually naps again. (This is her last nap for the day)
We eat dinner.

 Joseph and the kids clean the kitchen.
Table cleaned, floor swept and dishes done.

The bedtime routine starts now.
Kids take a bath. Get p.j's on. Brush teeth
Set clothes out for the next day (as well as mommy and daddys)
Story time.
I change Miss Bianca again and shes usually ready for another feeding.
My kids take about 30 minutes to fall asleep
So I put them to bed early so I know for sure they are asleep by 8:30.
My kids are so grumpy in the morning if they dont get enough sleep!

I take 15 minutes to walk through the house.. make sure its clean 
and pick anything up thats needs to be put away. 
Check email & Pay bills. 
 Plan for tomorrow
Check for any appointments for the next day.
. Set out frozen meats to thaw if needed for tomorrow nights dinner.
Make kids lunches for school.

 Watch t.v with Joe.
Walk briskly on the Treadmill ;)

I change Miss Bianca again, she gets a bath, pj's on and her last feeding for the night. 
By this time she's out! She sleeps through the night now so she wont be back up until 6am!
Shower then bedtime or
Facebook or You Tube or Twitter or this blog ;)

Weekend Routine will be next so stay tuned... <3


Anonymous said…
Kasey, This has been the most helpful blog EVER. I only have two kiddos and I think this is going to help me out. I procastinate when it comes to having a schedule for me, my kids and hubby. i think this is so going to help me out.
Karla said…
OMG!You're so organized. I think I need to start doing this because sometimes I feel like I don't have enough hours in my day :S
Still Glamorus said…
Im glad to hear! :) Yea just adjust it to your liking and your life style!
Anonymous said…
you are a super woman :)) love ya
kaylee said…
Kasey, I am a working single mom and my schedule is never the same two days in a row. Do you have any recommendations for that?
Anonymous said…
Wow!! U get a "MOM OF THE YEAR" award! You're a great one too.. I hope when I have children in the future, I'll be just as organized as you! :)
Anonymous said…
You truly are a superwoman! You inspire me in so many ways not only as a mother, but as someone to look up to who is an overall amazing person! You absolutely deserve a "Mother of the Year" award...Better yet "Woman of the Year!"

You're so incredible. Thank you for everything you do for us and for everyone else. <3
Kelly said…
Hi, I really enjoy your blog and YouTube video.
I was wondering what type of stay at home work you
Do? I have been looking for a work at home job forever,
If you get a chance check out my blog. I love comments:)

The Self Help Mom
This comment has been removed by the author.
I love watching your vids on youtube.Like you I enjoy beauty and I have 2 boys drive me crazy sometimes so I love your mummy tips.
Also I love your cosmetic line,iv tried ur pigments and I love it.

Holly xx
Vika said…
I am amazed by you. I don't have kids yet, but I am planning soon. And you are a great example. God bless you and your family
michelle said…
Dear Stillglamorus,
I'm a new mommy myself, and hope to be like you when I have more! :)
I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to get my baby to sleep through the night. she's 6 months going on 7. That would be awesome! Anyway, you seem like an awesome role model and all I can say is I can be half as good as you are!! - Michelle
you can message me on my fb? thank you bunches! :)
Zannnie said…
Great blog and youtube channel. Chanced upon your video about your 12 weeks vlog and started reading your blog now...You are amazing!! Really super to manage so many children and working as well! WOW! All best! - Zannnie
I really am in love with the way you are with the whole mommy and wife life and still don't let yourself go. Your becoming my idol! Adore you going to start following you on blogger and YouTube and twitter. Don't worry I'm not a stalker. I also have a blog YouTube and twitter where I also talk about my fashionista wife mom lifestyle xoxoxo
Anonymous said…
I admire the fact you take your job as a mommy serious.You and I have the same mentality when it comes to holding the house down along with dealing with the kids.I cant help but ask if your a virgo??lol
Angelina said…
Wow this is a great routine! I need to start doing a routine for myself. I only have one son who is 3 and I know I need to be more organized with him. I love your blogs!
Anonymous said…
I first found u on YouTube for your gorgeous make up tutorials, then fell in <3 with your mom channel bcz I'm a 26 year old mom of 3 and it was so good to get advice from someone I can relate to. So I have been waiting and waiting for the evening routine and your fly lady routine...I feel like I'm falling apart every second of our day and u hold up fort w 4 kids! I admire u and I have so much to learn! Please keep this coming! It's inspiring :)
_super_mommy_ said…
I am SO GLAD I found ur blot & utube channel. I have been lkg 4 1 like it 4 a while. A REAL mom who actually RAISES her kids but still takes care of herself. I am a single mom w/ no support (emotionally or financially) fr. Any1 & having some1 who has been there giving advice & how-to,'s is a Godsend THANK U SO MUCH! Xo. _super_mommy_
I would love to see your weekend routine, and maybe an update on how your weekday routine goes now that a couple years have passed?

You have been a huge inspiration! Thank you for your blog.

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