Miss Bianca: 4 month update

Miss Bianca is 4 months young <3
 Weight: 20 lbs
Size 2 diapers ready to go into a 3!
Clothes: 12 months!
Here we are! 4 months already! The above picture is her sitting in her bumbo seat.
She LOVES to sit up! So this seat is definitely a favorite right now.
Bianca is doing great, I am really loving this stage. 
She is always smiling and full of laughs, coos and squeals. 
Smiles to get attention
    She keeps her head steady when sitting on our lap or in her bumbo.
    Rolls and reaches for objects.
    And she loves to cuddle.
 She actually rolled onto her belly yesterday! 
I tried tummy time and she hates it.
I still like to try but so far not good.
She screams (not in pain) haha yes I think she does it just to hear herself :)
She drools a lot, and she loves “chewing” on her hard toys. 
I did start her on some baby food.. she loves the carrots so far (stage 1)
Shes been using the Similac Sensitive formula for the past month and she does great on it!

 Here are our favorite products so far..

The Bumbo seat 
This is her first time in it I placed a pillow behind her for extra support
We no longer need it cause she does just fine without it.

The Mam Bottles and Binkie

She wont take anything else :)
Only bad thing about that is Mam bottles are hard to find!

Fisher Price Rocker

She loves this thing! She takes her naps in it.. she sits in it while I cook dinner, work etc.
It turns into a toddler rocker too so thats neat!
It has a musical bar that goes across not shown in the picture she pulls on the toy and music plays again she just loves this rocker!

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Supreme Play Gym 

Another favorite.. it has music she loves it. Keeps her entertained.. this is where she first rolled over! 

Thats our 4 month update see you next time!


    meli said…
    oo my she wears 12 m.. woow.. she is beautiful bless her and ur family
    Pixie said…
    such a good mom :) shes adorable
    Rin said…
    She's gorgeous! I watched your video, I could never talk to my kids like that, they just got regular mummy voice lol. You are a great mother and all your kids are beautiful xo
    tricia said…
    I used the mam bottles too, try looking at kmart I did a search on them and found them there also the pacifier, hope this helps.
    Anna said…
    Hi kasey, are you making your own baby food for Bianca? I'm wondering because I'd like a tip or two on what to start off with. I can google but you make it so much fun! Love your vids and blogs :)
    Miss Ingute said…
    Awwww, she's adorable:)

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