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Whats for dinner? Healthy Dinner, Chicken & Veggies

Chicken Breast & Veggies 
What you will need:
Boneless Chicken Breast (I serve 7people so I use about 8-10 for extra) Garlic Powder, Pepper, Seasoning Salt & Salt OLIVE OIL 
 Frozen Stir fry, I like to mix different kinds.
 A couple 2% Slices of cheese
Place your chicken in a ziplock bag and pound it,this thins out the chicken breast (if you didnt buy thin cuts) Season one side of the chicken with pepper and garlic powder and the other side with salt and seasoning salt. Rub in.
Heat some olive oil in a large frying pan/electric skillet Place chicken in the pan and cook on low/medium heat. Cook till no longer pink. In another frying pan/skillet place your stir fry, heat through. Place a few slices in your stir fry for added flavor  (Gotta love some cheese on your veggies) Mix till melted. Serve your chicken and veggies.