Healthy Grocery shopping!

& My weight loss journey begins !
Now that baby is here its time to loose all that baby fat!
I started my weight loss journey today.

I woke up this morning, went to the bathroom.
Before eating or drinking anything I weighed myself.
177 is what the scale told me.
Im only 5 days postpartum so Im not gonna beat myself up :)
Next I figured out how much I need to loose and for me to go down to 135, I would have to loose 42 lbs.
So now that I have my goal weight in mind. I set a weekly goal.
This weeks goal
(Every week there will be a new goal.. baby steps)
So all day Ive been drinking water :)
Next, I cleaned out my fridge, freezer & pantry.
I threw everything that was unhealthy away.
So now my kitchen is pretty much empty "/
Next I made a shopping list. 
Enough food for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 5-19 to 5-26.
(I go grocery shopping weekly)
I meal planned and then made my list with all the ingredients for the meals plus added on snacks and few other things. 
I highly recommend using
Sign up, its free! You can put your current weight in and your goal weight and it gives you how many calories you should be eating daily~ This extremely helped out when I lost weight last time!
You can check out my page and see what Im eating, I will be tracking my food intake there daily!
My weigh ins will be every Thursday.
My last diet was very successful I lost 30 in 3 months! My problem last time is I became obsessed with weighing myself so this time I will put the scale in a closet and only bring it out Thursday! :)
(I weigh myself first thing in the morning right after going to the bathroom)
So below is my shopping list, I like to make healthy meals that actually taste good, if you dont enjoy the food you eat while loosing weight you will not succeed !
So I will be going grocery shopping tomorrow, Im super excited and motivated and hope you are too!

This weeks Menu
(this does not include snacks) 
anything that is in bold is a recipe and can be found here.
F:  Breakfast burritos, Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwhich, Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas 
S: Heuvos Rancheros, Taco Salad, GOING TO A FAMILY DINNER :)
S: Breakfast burrito, 5 ingrediant soup, Shrimp Pasta
M: Kellogs special k cereal with 2% milk,  5 ingrediant soup, Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken
T: Breakfast burrito, Grilled Chicken Salad, Lime Shrimp with Veggies & Wheat rice
W: Heuvos Rancheros, Turkey sandwhich on wheat with veggies, Chicken with Cheesy Mushroom gravy and potatos
T: Special K cereal with 2% milk, Grilled cheese pizza sandwhich, Chicken & Asparagus pasta
Shopping List (5/19-5/26)
Protein shake (dont know which one im gonna get)
Wheat Tortillas about 40 (2 20 packs)
Large jar Salsa (herdez)
Eggs- 4 doz.
Garlic Minced
Can diced green chilis x5
ground cumin
1lb ground turkey
Cheddar cheese
Kellogs special k cereal with strawberries
2 % Milk
1lb extra lean gound beef
2 Can black beans
Onion powder
Garlic clove (about 4)
big thing of Fat free sour cream
2% cheddar cheese
Big bag of salad
1 can fat free refried beans
2 can chicken broth fat free
1 can corn
1 can diced tomatoes
Whole wheat sandwhich bread
Marina sauce (can)
Mozzerella cheese low moisture part skim
Shredded parmeasean
Grated parmesean
Salt N Pepper
fettucinne pasta wheat
2 bags of shrimp (medium)
80z philadelphia neufchatel cream cheese
5 oz frozen spinach
couple of Big Bag boneless chicken breast
reduced sodium taco seasoning
1 can fat free cream of mushroom soup condensed
low fat dressing
Minute Rice Wheat Big box
160z reduced fat sour cream
Fiber 1 bars
Nabisco 100% Whole Grain Fig Newtons
Healthy Choice Bars
Planters Nut*rition Heart Healthy Mix
Cottage Cheese (reduced fat)
100 calorie packs
1 can fat free cream of chicken soup
Cilantro bunch
1 can mexican rotel
Couple of onions
Corn tortillas
Pepper jack cheese
Colby cheese Shredded
Fresh Mushshrooms
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1/2 packet good seasonings italian dressing mix
Box mashed potatoes
Wheat penne
12 spears asparagus
1 can low sodium chicken broth
Olive oil
Feta cheese
A couple tomatos
Fruits & Veggies
(Apples, banannas, oranges, strawberries, peaches, frozen brocolli, corn, green beans)
Turkey (sandwhich meat)
Cheese slices (reduced fat)
Light or fat free mayo
Wheat thins reduced fat
small Bag of salad


crystalandhoho said…
Love it. Sounds yummy,but very healthy at the same time. God bless you,and I know you will get through this,and reach your goal :)
leti.ap said…
YOu did a great planning!! you are amazing organized!!!! the meals sounds very yummy!!! I'm sure you'll get your goal!
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for this! I'd love it if you did grocery lists like this once in awhile. I don't think I could afford this big of a list but it gives me an idea :) I'm starting my weight loss journey same day as you! I reset my goals on sparkpeople and I'm really excited to do this. Good luck! I have about 50 pounds to lose so I'm hoping doing this alon with you will keep me motivated .

Springit89 (YouTube)
Anonymous said…
hey its springit again, i tried clicking the link to your recipes box and it wont show me yours. it just goes to my recipe box. i tried searching for your username and i still cant find them. is there anyway you can put your recipes on your public blog on sparkpeople or even on this blog?
Ellie said…
got my own spark page:
<3 thanks for the tip SG!
Underthethings said…
Ciao! Come stai? Ho visto che ti piace il cibo italano!Non aver fretta di perdere kili, adesso รจ presto, il corpo subisce un forte sbilanciamento dopo il parto. Baci!
AerikaJ said…
I need to plan my menus like this. I've been using the myfitnesspal app to track what I eat and my exercise. It has been immensely helpful.
Pamela Maxwell said…
Hi! I weigh about the same as you, and you look great, I was wondering how tall are you?

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