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Healthy Grocery shopping!

& My weight loss journey begins ! Now that baby is here its time to loose all that baby fat! I started my weight loss journey today.
I woke up this morning, went to the bathroom. Before eating or drinking anything I weighed myself. 177 is what the scale told me. Im only 5 days postpartum so Im not gonna beat myself up :) Next I figured out how much I need to loose and for me to go down to 135, I would have to loose 42 lbs. So now that I have my goal weight in mind. I set a weekly goal. This weeks goal NO SODA (Every week there will be a new goal.. baby steps) So all day Ive been drinking water :) Next, I cleaned out my fridge, freezer & pantry. I threw everything that was unhealthy away. So now my kitchen is pretty much empty "/ Next I made a shopping list.  Enough food for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 5-19 to 5-26. (I go grocery shopping weekly) I meal planned and then made my list with all the ingredients for the meals plus added on snacks and few other things.  I highly recommend us…