Product of the week !

Cover FX 
Mineral Powder Foundation
A little bit about my skin...
Its oily, prone to breakouts, has redness & sensitive.

So with summer coming 
I try to stay away from liquid foundation 
or cream foundations.
Especially with my oily skin.
So I made a trip to Sephora in search of 
a new foundation =)
I asked the girl at the counter
what she recommends and she suggested 
I try Cover Fx "powder foundation"
At first I wasnt interested
I told her my concerns on coverage
and I was afraid it wouldnt last.
She said she has
been using it for awhile now and she
So I took of my foundation I had on 
(Hate doing this "/)
And she tried it on me.. & I fell in love!
So I purchased it
A little pricey but the coverage
and finish is sooo worth it!

 Heres some more info 
to sum up my review.. 

NONE.. & I can get shiny! 
Out of 5 star?
I give it a big fat 5
(I still use concealer for any spots)
Would I purchase again?
Yes, when I run out
Im definitely re buying!

This is honestly the best foundation that I have ever used. 
The coverage is amazing for a powder, I put it on with a brush (Mac 139). 
You can layer it for full coverage or put just a little for a lighter look. 
Ive used it for about a week now and my skin is absolutely clear 
dont know if its the foundation or just a good week. 
I think its helped clear my skin! Ill keep ya updated!
 Hard to believe a product with such great coverage can feel so light and breathable.



~ Kelly Ann ♥ said…
Oh my goodness- I was just at Sephora- I should look at this. What a wonderful review- I have to have it now- Can I ask you what shade do you wear in MAC Foundation- I wear NW 20--so I was thinking if you were pretty close to my coloring I could order the same Cover FX E40--just leave a comment on my blog- thxs

Ultra_Raquel87 said…
I def have to try this out once I am finished with my mac powder. I think it is pricey but I have the same type of skin as you. I am really loving your blog!!
Unknown said…
Hey I just saw you on Youtube so I clicked your blog. Anyways, you should try Physicians Formula (I like the loose powders, but they have other ones too), they're very similar to the Sephora ones and they're also good for your skin, but for a lot cheaper.

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