Thursday, January 6, 2011

My pregnancy UPDATE :)

So I had my 20 week ultrasound on Tuesday.
They said baby looked great and shes still a girl ;)
So instead of me being 20 weeks she said I was 22 weeks!! YAY!
The baby currently weighs a pound she said.. a solid pound.
I will be doing an update on my youtube channel this weekend. 
So I am 22 weeks!
Some symptoms..
Major lower back ache.
Im itchy all over :(
I am getting my energy back although I need a nap during the day.
I've been getting major round ligament pain.. my belly is way bigger then last time most of you seen me!
So just a quick update, I'll see ya in my vlog in a couple days! :)


meli said...

Wow congrats i

Tiffany Monet said...

Congrats sweetie!

xo T

divavirtual888 said...

So excited for you!!

Tori said...

nnl .

Tori said...

What do you do when your feeling down & just ready to give up? i have nausea on & off & i have to work. Im a receptionist & i look like crap when i feel like crap & everyone knows when im having a bad day & i dnt care but i like to dress up & wear makeup! I need motivation!!!

Chelsea said...

Two years have passed already, and I can see that you’re still glamorous as ever! I know being a mom is such a hard task, and sometimes we forget how to take care of ourselves. But it’s a good thing that you’re serving as an inspiration for other moms, like me, to not forget themselves. Anyway, I remember when I was 22 weeks pregnant with my only son. I also felt weak even though I usually had lots of sleep. The only explanation I could surmise was that it was because I was sleeping for two! Haha! I hope you can update me on your adventures as a mother. Thanks. :)

-- Chelsea Leis

Elli Degennaro said...

What I hate about pregnancy is the body pain that comes with it. However, the care that I've got from my ob/gyne and chiropractor made the journey a lot easier. Its been two years now, and I'm pretty sure you've been enjoying being a mother. How are you now? Do you still keep in touch with your ob/gyne?

Elli Degennaro @